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Choices for When Neutral Carpet Just Won’t Cut It

Neutral carpet is the go-to for most homeowners. It’s easy to design around, it makes the rest of your decor choices interchangeable and allows you to work with a wider range of palettes. It’s, for lack of a better word, simple. But for some people, the idea of a tan, beige, or cream carpet just doesn’t cut it. If that’s you, it may be a little bewildering to know what choices you have. After all, so much of the carpet world falls into those earthy tones. If you’re thirsting for... Read More

Spring Decor Trends to Try in Your Home

We’ve officially entered the time of year when the days are longer, energy is higher, and you have more time (and daylight) to notice all the things about your home you’d really like to upgrade. If you’re ready to refresh your decor but not sure where to start, give these 2018 Spring and Summer interior design trends a try. Texture Feathers, chunky knit, tassels and more, adding texture as a way of bringing dimension to your rooms is very in right now. We love this trend because it can be... Read More

4 Key Tips to Getting the Most Value Out of Your Carpet

New carpet can be quite the undertaking for your home. There’s style, color, feel, and so much more to consider. But when you’re looking for the best value on top of that, it can get even trickier. If you’re investing in a carpet renovation for your home, you want to know it’s going to last for a long time, but how do you do that confidently? Here are a few of our best tips for getting the most value out of your carpet and feeling great about your choices for... Read More

Denver’s Carpet Store Focused on Saving You Money

Carpeting for your home – it’s an overwhelming concept if you look at it on the surface. There are a million different carpets to choose from, countless color palettes you could go with, unlimited ways to upgrade your space. But in the Denver-metro area, you won’t find a better value or more impressive service than what we offer at Sloane’s Carpet Secret. We’re Denver’s discount carpet store focused on saving you money without you having to sacrifice style OR comfort. Impressive Selection We have over one million square feet of... Read More

Use These Tips to Keep Your Carpet Looking New As Long As Possible

When you get new carpet in your home, it’s comfy, it’s beautiful, and you want it to stay that way forever. Trust us; we get it. There’s nothing quite like the soft-under-the-toes feel of a plush new carpet you chose just for your space. Now you get to enjoy it, and while you’re enjoying it, consider these care and maintenance tips to keep it looking and feeling like new for as long as possible, and keeping it in excellent condition over the years, too. Regular Vacuuming Once or twice a... Read More

What Is a Carpet Irregular (Hint: It’s Not a Remnant)

At Sloane’s carpet store in Denver, we’ve been saving customers big money on gorgeous carpet for nearly 40 years. Over the years we’ve gotten tons of questions about how we keep our prices so low without sacrificing on quality. We’ve talked about it before, but having the ability to offer premium carpet factory irregulars allows us to offer you some of┬áthe best carpets out there at steeply discounted prices simply because they have minor defects that make them fall short of factory standards but are rarely noticeable. The word “irregular”... Read More

Carpet Trends to Watch in 2018

A new year so often comes with new goals in all areas of life. If one of your 2018 goals is to spruce up your home and make it cozier at the same time, you may want to consider some of these emerging carpet trends when you put pen to paper and start planning for those ever-important home updates. Bold Accents Bold colors are making a big leap forward this year, but are best reserved for accents and rugs rather than entire rooms. Whether this is a bright splash of... Read More

Finding the Best Carpet Deal for Your Home

Carpeting your home can be quite the expense, so finding a good deal without sacrificing quality is often the key to finally completing that update you’ve been planning for some time. Luckily, these days finding a trusted retailer is easier than ever before – just Google it! Reputable carpet dealers have happy customers that provide great reviews on Google and Yelp, and are even gaining traction as newer networks like NextDoor grow in popularity. Look for outlets with a large number of positive reviews and ask your friends about their... Read More

The Best Way to Banish Those Accidental Holiday Carpet Stains

Christmas and New Year’s parties are notoriously some of the biggest and messiest, and with large groups of people and party supplies, good food, and seasonal decorations inevitably come carpet stains. Before you freak out or fear that your carpet may be ruined by the mishap, consider these tips and get those stains out quickly and easily without missing a beat in your celebrations. Common Holiday Stains If you’ve hosted the holiday get together or party before, you’re well aware of the wide variety of things that can fall and... Read More

Buyer Beware Common Carpet Sales Scams

Sloane’s Carpet Buying Tips Unfortunately, we live in a world where not everyone out there has your best interests at heart. Some carpet retailers are ready and more than willing to take advantage of your lack of carpet-buying know-how (see Sloane’s Carpet Buyers Guide). Here’s our advice to help you avoid the scammers and make sure you truly get top value. It’s your home, after all, whatever choice you make you’ve got to live with for years, whether or not someone managed to bamboozle you. Free Carpet Installation: Nothing is... Read More