Red Carpet History: From the March of Death to “Who Are You Wearing?”

Red Carpet History - Sloane's Carpet Secret
Long before, “Who are you wearing,” was uttered by mother-daughter duo Joan and Melissa Rivers on the crimson pathway of the Academy Awards in the 1990s to the chagrin of the New York Times as “improper grammar” and “stupid and shallow,” walking the red carpet was apparently a thing clear back in the 5th century. From Ancient Greece to 20th Century Rails According to most historians, the earliest reference to “walking a red carpet” was penned in 458 B.C. by Ancient Grecian playwright, Aeschylus, in his work Agamemnon. Unfortunately, Agamemnon’s... Read More

The Best Daily Deal and Coupon Websites

The Best Daily Deal and Coupon Websites
Even though at this time of year money seems to escape from our bank accounts faster than it gets replenished and we’re hyper aware of getting the best value for our money, getting a good deal is a year-round pursuit for most of us. There are plenty of websites that offer Groupon-like discounts on restaurants and things to see or do, and all you need to do is subscribe to an email to have those deals delivered straight to your inbox. The struggle is to find the resources that are... Read More

How to Make Home Remodels Run Smoothly

How to Make Home Remodels Run Smoothly
Many of the people that come to Sloane’s Carpet Secret are on the tail end of a much larger remodeling project. Our carpet is the finishing touch. We know that home remodels of any size can be quite disruptive to your life from the general chaos of living without easy access to your possessions to the extra dirt and dust swirling around. Here are some ways to make home remodels run smoothly to minimize the disruption as much as possible. 1. Keep Only the Essentials – Pack Up the Rest... Read More

Carpet Remnants are Worth the Look

The Benefits of Carpet Remnants - Sloane's Carpet Secret
Contrary to what the name might suggest, carpet remnants aren’t necessarily the leftovers from someone else’s carpet installation. Rather, they are simply smaller pieces, usually about 20 feet or less, from the end of a much larger carpet roll. What they can do for you is provide the perfect flooring option for smaller rooms at a terrific price. When you combine the already-low prices at Sloane’s Carpet Secret with the savings you can realize with short rolls (remnants)—typically about half of our already discounted prices—it’s truly a solution you should... Read More

Shop Colorado. Shop the Outlets

Best outlet malls in Colorado - Sloane's Carpet Secret
Looking for a great fall wardrobe, but can’t quite stomach the prices of clothes these days? Luckily, some of the best outlet malls in Colorado have great deals to help you fill your shopping bags without feeling guilty! At Sloane’s Carpet Secret we appreciate a good deal, which is why we recommend you check out these great outlet malls on your hunt for a new look. Colorado Mills Mall This outlet located in Lakewood offers shopping for all clothing connoisseurs. If you’re looking for upscale stores such as Coach and... Read More

Quick Tips to Boost your Home’s Value

Quick Tips to Boost your Home’s Value - Sloane's Carpet Secret
If you find yourself a seller in today’s hot real estate market, there are several things you can do to boost your home’s value to get top dollar when you sell. Depending on how serious you are about boosting your home’s value, there are plenty of different ways that you can do this. At Sloane’s Carpet Secret we think you’ll appreciate these easy tweaks that will pay off and improve your home. Paint, paint, and more paint Changing up the paint in your house is a surefire way to increase... Read More

4 Green Cleaning Products You Can Make Yourself

Cleaning products you can make yourself - Sloane's Carpet Secret
Have you ever looked at the ingredient list on your cleaning supplies or carpet cleaning products and realized you can’t actually pronounce 95% of them? Almost every single product on the shelves also has words like danger, warning, or caution on them. Maybe it’s time to find a green cleaning substitute for your current cleaning supplies. At Sloane’s Carpet Secret we understand that no one should live in a house full of toxic chemicals and recommend that you give these safe, green alternatives a try for your day-to-day cleaning. All-Purpose... Read More

Easy Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

College is an exciting time: new adventures, new activities, and a new dorm room. Decorating a dorm room can be so much fun. The tiny living space is your new home for the next year, at least, so you get to customize it depending on your own needs. At Sloane’s Carpet Secret we love the idea of getting creative in order to have one of the coolest rooms in your dormitory. Here are a couple things you might want to bring with you to your new home. Comforter Before you... Read More

Maintaining Your Outdoor Carpet

Outdoor Carpet | Sloane's Carpet Secret
Outdoor carpet adds warmth, color and aesthetic to your outdoor space. The main concern our customers at Sloane’s Carpet Secret have with outdoor carpeting is maintenance. It seems at first that maintenance would be a pain, but it’s really easy when you have our best tips for keeping your outdoor carpet clean and attractive! Rid your carpet of oil stains. Luckily, outdoor carpeting is made to weather most staining, but oil stains can be a real problem for these carpets. Never fear: this is easy to fix! Apply a dish... Read More

Flooring Decisions – When to Choose Carpet

Choosing Carpet - Sloane's Carpet Secret
There are many decisions to make when remodeling a home. What color cabinets should I install? What material should I use for the kitchen counter? The list goes on and on. Today, your friends at Sloane’s Carpet Secret are here to tackle one of these important questions: flooring decisions. You will most likely be combining different types of flooring in your house, such as hardwood floor, tiling and carpet. Below you will find helpful tips for when carpet is the way to go and when another flooring option might be... Read More