Summer Carpet Trends

summer carpet trends
As the premier discount carpet store in Denver, those of us at Sloane’s Carpet Secret are always up on carpeting trends. This helps us bring you the best selection of in-style carpeting for a great price! You may have noticed that summer is upon us, and we wanted to showcase some carpeting that is particularly trendy for this summer. Even if you are not in the market for new carpet this summer, adding a rug or two with these trends in mind will brighten up your home! Light colors. This... Read More

Add Comfort to your Home with Carpet

add comfort to your home
When it comes to adding comfort to your home, in our opinion, there is no better way to do so than with new carpet. New carpet immediately provides your home with a clean look. And nothing beats taking your shoes off and walking across fresh carpet fibers. Since you may not have considered all the comfort benefits of carpet, we list all the ways our team at Sloane’s Carpet Secret believes new carpet is the number one way to create comfort in your home. New Carpet Reduces Odors If you... Read More

Remove Mud from your Carpet

remove mud from your carpet
Although summer is in the air in Colorado (and we couldn’t be more excited), we need to get through May. Since May has become one of our rainiest months over the past few years, this means you may find yourself with some muddy carpet on your hands. Never fear: Sloane’s Carpet Secret has your go-to guide to remove mud from your carpet. Let the mud dry before attempting any cleaning. For those of us who see a stain and want to get rid of it immediately, this is probably the... Read More

Sloane’s Carpet Secret Sponsors Sampling for Hope Event

Sampling for Hope
Once again, Sloane’s Carpet Secret is sponsoring the second annual Sampling for Hope event, a casual food tasting to benefit SafeHouse Denver. SafeHouse Denver serves victims of domestic violence and their children through both an emergency shelter and non-residential Counseling and Advocacy Center. “Sloane’s is committed to supporting Colorado families and the life-saving work of SafeHouse Denver,” said Scott Alban, owner of Sloane’s Carpet Secret. All of the adults, children and youth who come to SafeHouse Denver have access to a full range of bilingual programming, including individual counseling, group sessions,... Read More

Tips for Refurbishing Furniture

Tips for Refurbishing Furniture - Sloane's Carpet Secret
At Sloane’s Carpet Secret, we understand that redecorating your home is exciting, but it can also become expensive very quickly. That is why we have incredible carpeting services that fit right into your budget, and we also give you tips every month for home decorating that won’t break the bank. Since buying brand new furniture can get pricy, these tips are all about refurbishing used furniture. You will be amazed by what you can do and how much you can save! Where to Go Denver’s thrift shop scene is thriving,... Read More

Denver’s Best Happy Hour Deals

Denver's best happy hour deals - Sloane's Carpet Secret
Summer is drawing near in Denver! That means weekends hanging out in the park, hiking trips and happy hours on the patio. Since your friends at Sloane’s Carpet Secret are committed to bringing you the best deals on carpeting, we wanted to bring you the best deals on something we love almost as much: happy hour! Here is our carefully cultivated list of Denver’s best happy hour deals. Seasons 52 This great restaurant located right outside Park Meadows Mall is known for its seasonal menu, which changes each week. Its... Read More

Shave Savings off Your Home Remodel Project

Save on your home remodel project - Sloane's Carpet Secret
As you dream and make plans for a home remodel, whether it’s the carpet in one room or a dramatic overhaul, there are several small things that you could do along the timeline to save on your home remodel project. While separately it might not seem like it will make much of a dent to your project’s bottom line, collectively you will reap the rewards of your budget-conscious choices. Enhance Efficiency When you’re feeling cramped for space, consider ways that you can enhance efficiency rather than invest in a costly addition... Read More

Red Carpet History: From the March of Death to “Who Are You Wearing?”

Red Carpet History - Sloane's Carpet Secret
Long before, “Who are you wearing,” was uttered by mother-daughter duo Joan and Melissa Rivers on the crimson pathway of the Academy Awards in the 1990s to the chagrin of the New York Times as “improper grammar” and “stupid and shallow,” walking the red carpet was apparently a thing clear back in the 5th century. From Ancient Greece to 20th Century Rails According to most historians, the earliest reference to “walking a red carpet” was penned in 458 B.C. by Ancient Grecian playwright, Aeschylus, in his work Agamemnon. Unfortunately, Agamemnon’s... Read More

The Best Daily Deal and Coupon Websites

The Best Daily Deal and Coupon Websites
Even though at this time of year money seems to escape from our bank accounts faster than it gets replenished and we’re hyper aware of getting the best value for our money, getting a good deal is a year-round pursuit for most of us. There are plenty of websites that offer Groupon-like discounts on restaurants and things to see or do, and all you need to do is subscribe to an email to have those deals delivered straight to your inbox. The struggle is to find the resources that are... Read More

How to Make Home Remodels Run Smoothly

How to Make Home Remodels Run Smoothly
Many of the people that come to Sloane’s Carpet Secret are on the tail end of a much larger remodeling project. Our carpet is the finishing touch. We know that home remodels of any size can be quite disruptive to your life from the general chaos of living without easy access to your possessions to the extra dirt and dust swirling around. Here are some ways to make home remodels run smoothly to minimize the disruption as much as possible. 1. Keep Only the Essentials – Pack Up the Rest... Read More