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Colorado Carpet Company Found the Best Ski Deals of the Pre-Season

As the leaves fall from the trees, the hearts of Coloradoans beat in giddy excitement that the ski season is just around the bend. It also happens to be the perfect time of year to find a good ski discount to make staying on the slopes easier than ever without breaking the bank. Our Colorado carpet company has scoped out some of the best ski discounts for the 2014/2015 season. Check Colorado Ski Country USA Deals For a one-stop shop,... Read More

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Denver Carpet Company: Dining Room or Kitchen Table

Dining rooms used to come standard in most American homes, but that’s not always the case today. Some families opt to dine only in the kitchen and, as a result, determine there’s no need to have a formal dining room that would only be used a handful of days each year. When in Denver-area homes installing carpet, our carpet company associates see families treat their dining spaces in many ways. Let’s take a look at some dining table options to... Read More

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Plan Ahead for Deals on Airline Tickets and Colorado Carpet

In order to get the best airline flight deals from any carrier, including Denver-based Frontier Airlines, most of the time it requires a little planning. In fact, planning is the key to getting a good price on many things, including Colorado carpet from Sloane’s Carpet Secret’s weekend-only showroom. 3 Months in Advance Experts recommend starting your search for airline tickets at least three months in advance of departure. Sign up for email alerts from online aggregator tools that monitor airline prices so... Read More

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Denver Carpet Installation: Add Rugged Design Elements to Your Home

When you want to add a rugged design aesthetic to your home you must first embrace and accentuate any imperfections and rough edges it bears. Then, add reclaimed (or exposed) wood and salvaged items (or new items that mimic a style of yesteryear) and join seemingly incongruent individual pieces together to make a masterful whole. The beauty of rugged design is that there is no perfect plan to follow. To get the creative juices going, here are some ways to... Read More

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Paint a Mural to Complement Carpet for Sale

Another fantastic—and budget-friendly—way to enhance any room in your home, besides finding carpet for sale, is to paint a mural. Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself an artist, there are several designs that even novice artists can tackle with ease. To make your family mural project a success, follow the suggestions we’ve outlined below. Select Your Mural Image Unless you hire a professional mural artist, it’s important to find an image that gives you the finished look you want while... Read More

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Accent Your Colorado Carpet

Like a blank canvas, Colorado carpet in neutral colors provides a base to launch any number of styles and interior designs in your home. Carpet unifies the look of your home, while area rugs can provide a pop of color to complement the features of each individual room. At Sloane’s Carpet Secret, we love the versatility in design that an area rug placed on top of name-brand carpet provides. The Benefits of Carpet as Your Foundation There are several advantages... Read More

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Denver Carpet: New Age Design Concepts for your Home Office

If you want to transform a spare bedroom in your home into a home office, why not take a look at some of the world’s most progressive companies—such as Pixar and Google—for inspiration? They’ve embraced a new age office design philosophy with creative and open space that emphasizes teamwork and collaboration to ignite “casual collisions” of creativity. Interactions by Accident Back in 1999, when Steve Jobs was the CEO of Pixar, he wanted to create an office space for the company... Read More


Sloane’s Carpet Colorado New Facebook Contest

We hope that you are ready for another beautiful Colorado fall! We’ve been busy helping our customers get the best deals on carpet all year, and we’re thankful that we’ve had to opportunity to help so many people with the Sloane’s Carpet Secret. To show our appreciation to our customers, community and future customers, we’re running a Facebook contest in October. You may remember that we ran our first Facebook contest earlier this year. That contest was focused around, “Why... Read More

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To Carpet Installers, Decorating is Black and White

Sometimes decorating can be, well, black and white. You could get caught up in a paint-chip frenzy and agonize over every different hue under the rainbow, or you can keep it simple—remodel with black or white. As our carpet installers traverse the metro area putting name-brand carpet in our customers’ homes, they’ve seen some fabulous ways to incorporate these most basic—and dramatic—colors into your home. Black—Never Out of Style We’ve heard it for years in regards to the little black... Read More

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Denver Carpet Installation Company Celebrates Oktoberfest the Mile High Way

As a Denver carpet installation company, we’re always on the lookout for ways to enjoy our beautiful city. Nearly 400,000 bier-lovin’ Coloradoans can’t be wrong as they flock to downtown Denver’s Larimer Street every year to celebrate Oktoberfest the Mile High way! They must be on to something, because Denver’s Oktoberfest has been named by Maxim magazine and USA Today as The Best Oktoberfest in the United States and “one of the country’s biggest and longest running traditions.” If you’ve... Read More