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Carpet Installation Company Points the Way to Spring Ski Savings

Even though ski and snowboarding season is winding down now, deal-seekers know it’s time for bargain season to ramp up when springtime hits Colorado. Whether you’re looking to hit the hills for one last ride or want to get ready for next season, you can get unbelievable deals on lift tickets this time of year. At carpet installation company Sloane’s Carpet Secret, we’ve got what you need to know to enjoy the Rocky Mountains and a great deal. Colorado has... Read More

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Carpet Installers Celebrate the Overlooked and Overworked Toilet Seat Cover

Let’s face it: You could probably count on one hand how many times you’ve contemplated your toilet seat covers. We may be carpet installers at Sloane’s Carpet Secret, but we like to root for the underdog and think it’s high time that the overlooked, always utilized toilet seat gets its time in the spotlight. Without further ado, here are some things to ponder next time you’re in the market for a new toilet seat. Wood vs. Plastic When shopping for... Read More

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Carpet Company Reveals the Secret to Long-Lasting Carpets: Doormats

Even though we give our customers premium carpet up to 70% off, as a carpet company, we like to help our customers preserve their carpet for as many years as possible. One of the best ways to improve the lifespan of your carpet is to ensure you’re keeping the dirt outside and off your carpets. The great news is that keeping doormats and rugs at every entrance doesn’t have to be expensive, and can often be free! Carpet Sample Doormats... Read More

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Carpet Company Design Ideas: Make a Mellow Meditation Room

Meditation is no longer just a tool practiced by Eastern spiritual philosophies. Many Westerners and even the mainstream medical community have begun to realize the benefits of meditation to focus and quiet the mind. In our run-yourself-ragged modern lifestyles, it does a body and mind good to consider ways to slow down, take a deep breath and relax. Here are some ideas from Denver carpet company Sloane’s Carpet Secret to create your own meditation space. Be Mindful Rather than jump... Read More


Why Do you Need New Carpet Colorado: The Installation

We had a great time over the past four months with our Facebook contest: Why Do You Need New Carpet Colorado. We got the opportunity to hear so many wonderful stories; some funny and some that touched our hearts. It was tough to select one grand prize winner, but the Schauerhamer’s story was just too good to pass up. A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting the Schauerhamer family in person when we went to install their... Read More

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Colorado Carpet Experts Recommend Denver Dining Deals

If you have a foodie penchant for eating out but are on a budget, sometimes it’s not who you know, but where you know to go to get your taste buds what they’re craving. The Colorado carpet deal-finders, Sloane’s Carpet Secret, have extended their deal-finding prowess to dining. Here’s where to get some great Denver dining deals every day of the week. Start Your Week Out by Eating Out More restaurants offer spectacular specials on Monday and Tuesday than later... Read More

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Carpet Installers Suggest Ways to Add Latin American Flair to Your Home

There’s nothing that says vivir la buena vida (living the good life) quite like the spicy design aesthetic of Latin America. For many of us, fond memories of good times spent on vacation south of the border have inspired a desire to bring a little bit of it to our home. Whether you want to add an accent piece or have a grand remodel in mind, the Denver carpet installers at Sloane’s Carpet Secret have a few suggestions for elements... Read More

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Denver Carpet Company Asks You to Consider This: Clocks as Decorations

There’s something, well, absolutely timeless about using clocks to decorate. Of course, the style you select is entirely a matter of your own personal taste, but, first, you must consider how you will use the clock in order to find the perfect one. Since it’s about time to think beyond the typical utilitarian function of timepieces, Sloane’s Carpet Secret carpet company has listed some things you should consider before going shopping. Hang Time Where will you hang a clock? What’s... Read More

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Carpet Installation Company Lists Bookshelf Wall Ideas

If you’re a bookworm or your tchotchkes have run amok, consider adding a bookcase wall that will take up a mere 12 inches of floor space for additional storage in any room of your house. These walls can be as simple or as complex as you desire, and as your carpentry skills or budget allow. Carpet installation company Sloane’s Carpet Secret points out some items to keep in mind as you begin your search for the perfect bookcase solution. Semi-Homemade... Read More

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Why Do you Need New Carpet Colorado: Announcing Our Winner

Happy Valentine’s Day! As you may have heard, we’ve been running a Facebook content asking our followers to share their stories on why they need new carpet. We had some funny, heart-breaking and sometimes strange stories for our contest. After hours of reviewing the stories and the difficult decision to try and pick one as our grand prize winner, we chose the following story from Nichol:   If any carpet has been put to the test, it is ours. For... Read More