Learn What Design Pros Know About Thrift Shopping - Sloane's Carpet Secret

Learn What Design Pros Know about Thrift Shopping

After a marathon viewing session of HGTV, you can’t help but be inspired to make another one’s trash your treasure just like you witnessed from the pros with their own shows. In just 30 minutes, they salvaged and shined, painted and primed, carpeted and installed with the end result being a beautiful addition to their (or their client’s) home. “How hard can it be?” says the uber-optimistic voice in your head. WELL, it’s a whole lot easier when you know... Read More

What Makes Quality Carpet - Sloane's Carpet Secret

Discover the 4 Things that Make Quality Carpet

As is the case with so many things in life, one size does not fit all. Specifically, in this case, the carpet that works best for you might not be what works best for your mother-in-law, best friend or sister. Regardless of your specific needs, there are certain things that every carpet shopper should assess about a carpet’s quality and fit for your unique needs when carpet shopping begins. It’s all about the Carpet Construction According to The Carpet and... Read More

Stretch to remove carpet wrinkles - Sloane's Carpet Secret

Stretch your Carpet to Remove Wrinkles

At Sloane’s Carpet Secret we never take for granted the importance of hiring pros to properly install your new carpet to improve its performance and increase its longevity. One of the common complaints we hear—carpet wrinkles—happens for a variety of reasons, but the good news is it can be fixed either by yourself or by hiring a pro. What causes carpet to wrinkle? The main culprit for rippled carpet in Colorado is actually humidity! Most people think it’s a good... Read More

Catch Denver's Best Live Music—For Free!

Catch Denver’s Best Live Music—For Free!

Who doesn’t like to groove along to live music? It’s that much sweeter when the tickets are extremely affordable or even free! When we’re not tending shop at our weekend-only showroom selling name-brand carpet in Denver, our Sloane’s Carpet Secret family enjoys an evening out to experience Denver’s best live music. To help you infuse your life with the joy of live music, we’ve pulled together some of Denver’s best spots to catch live music (many times for free)! El... Read More

Budget Friendly Tips for Decorating Your Patio - Edge Solutions

Budget-Friendly Tips for Decorating your Patio

You’ve caught it, haven’t you? Spring fever is here! When it arrives, so does the daydreaming of what we can do to make our patios even more enjoyable places to hang out. As smart shoppers, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite tips for decorating your patio in an affordable way. Make Your Own Curtains You can shield your family from the sun and create a comfortable place to lounge on your patio with a reasonably priced curtain from IKEA... Read More

Consignment shops in Denver - Sloane's Carpet Secret

Resale is Upscale at Consignment Shops in Denver

If you haven’t stepped into a clothing resale shop recently to augment your regular wardrobe rather than a Halloween costume, you might be in for a very good surprise. Many Denver-area thrift stores consign another’s toss offs. Smart shoppers can find incredible deals on high-end brands courtesy of others cleaning out their closets to make room for more designer fashions just like our customers get great deals on high-end carpet in Denver by shopping in our showroom. Let’s take a... Read More

Spring Clean Carpets - Sloane's Carpet Secret

Clean Carpets: Job No. 1 for Spring Cleaning

It’s the time of year when we crawl out of our winter routines and get motivated to clean things out and spruce things up. When you think about all the mud and muck tracked on your carpet throughout winter, it’s no wonder “clean carpets” is one of the first items on any to-do list for spring cleaning. At Sloane’s Carpet Secret, we offer you a unique opportunity to purchase name-brand carpets at unbelievable savings, so we certainly want you to... Read More

Outdoor remodeling job - Sloane's Carpet Secret

Plan Now for your Outdoor Remodeling Job

Spring fever is about to strike with a vengeance! When it does, our minds begin to percolate with all the ways to enhance our outdoor space to enjoy it even more once the temperatures warm up. When you consider an outdoor remodeling job, you not only gain valuable living space, but your property values can also go up. At Sloane’s Carpet Secret, we know the value of name-brand carpet for your home, but we also love to share other ideas... Read More

Steps to create a home gym

Take Small Steps to Create a Home Gym

As we approach March, there is typically a dramatic drop-off in our commitment to New Year’s resolutions to get fit! Perhaps what you need to keep you moving through spring are some small steps to create a home gym so you have a convenient place to work out. Since we’re all about finding ways for you to save money, but still get high-quality carpet in Denver at Sloane’s Carpet Secret, these ideas are also designed to get you buff without... Read More

How to Select the Right Vacuum Cleaner - Sloane's

Tips on How to Select the Right Vacuum Cleaner

One of the best ways to keep your Denver carpets in tip-top shape is to vacuum frequently. Some cleaning experts recommend daily vacuuming of high-traffic areas. If you don’t use a quality machine to vacuum, you just suck away time and energy. So, what makes a good vacuum? Let’s take a look at some top tips on how to select the right vacuum cleaner for you. Go Light Be sure to assess your particular cleaning needs before heading out to... Read More